This post details some of the colour and design inspiration soaked up on a recent trip to Barcelona.

β€œtravelling is about finding those things you never knew you were looking for β€œ

Spain is full of warm colours; terracotta, soft yellow and burnt orange at contrast with cool blues and browns. A contrast to the greys and cooler tones we are used to seeing and using in the UK.Β 

City Inspirations - Barcelona - 01

Products included: strands, hadron, code

City Inspirations - Barcelona - 02

Products included: hadron, infinity

City Inspirations - Barcelona - 03

Products included: hadron, infinity

City Inspirations - Barcelona - 04

Products included: strands, hadron

Taking inspiration for flooring layouts and project themes from travel gives your mind a break from what you know and expect, a different perspective and fresh outlook.

Previous travel inspired posts from us include Iceland, Japan, Β London, Scandinavia

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