Summer 2017 brings the launch of axisย by burmatex. We show here the distinct palette of eleven colours with the inspiration behind each colour name.

Colour palette of axis

Orb; the first colour in this sequence and is a vibrant yellow which echoes what we see in elements of both nature and technology

inspiration axis images. Japan train, Hadron, yellow paint, wolfgang buttress the hive, inexhibit yellow room

Fern; an easy green which surrounds us in so many places and is in harmony with Pantone colour of the year 2017 – Greenery


inspiration axis fern images. Garfield Park Conservatry Chicago, yumiko higuchi embroidery, moss

Wren – is it brown? Is it grey? A beautiful neutral ‘building block’ which works so well with all its vibrant team mates!

Amber; play it up or play it down – I love to see it working with the natural blue on this image, as well as being toned down with the very pale grey. Totally versatile, it also works with the contrasting black metal

axis amber inspiration, emanuelle moureaux numbers, tracy-ann morrison orange, myrtle petyarre, fire escape

Blueprint – such a vibrant blue, yet still very calming.

axis blueprint inspiration. James nares, painting apron, colossal blue, electricity

Sky; how many blues can the sky actually contain?! One of the most captured and inspirational subjects and consequently ย included in this palette

axis sky inspiration, Wriggley building Chicago, tree canopy, ice, seagulls on lake Michigan

Mist; nearly grey, almost blue, not-quite-neutral – already a firm favourite which contributes to the overall synergy of the colour palette

inspiration images axis mist. The Ring House, Alaska mountain, forests, bubbles, architects journal

Frost; inspired by the tiny crystals that cover our world on the coldest days, like a magic wand has been waved! A clean and bright grey

inspiration images axis frost . Ice particles, Chicago jelly bean, ceramic tiles

Jelly; so many varieties of this vivid hue – it really is a stunning natural colour. The interesting fusions that it provides are endless; with Sky, with Frost, with Sky and Frost. add in some Fern…

Fuchsia; is another striking natural colour and this provides some beautiful options for pairing up with clashing or complementary colours

inspiration images axis fuchsia, jellyfish, emmanuelle moureaux foresto of numbers

Robin; a small bird with a loud voice! Could this apply to the final colour in the list of Axis colours? Such a bold red can be embraced in large spaces, and also considered as more of a strong accent for other areas

inspiration images axis robin, asian flavours, yayomi kasuma, bleed installation red ribbon, ran hwang, chiharu shiota

image information and further reading

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