how axis will work in a floor design scheme

burmatex next sign for how axis can work with others

Work on a new product gives us the chance to assess where it fits within our ranges. The launch of axis, and any new product, often brings questions with it, such as how does it work? Where would the product be used? Is there a Pantone reference for each of the colours? axis is a stand-alone product and this palette of eleven clean, concise colours enhances and supports many of our ranges. As well as this, there is a stronger link with our strands range because there is a direct link between the colours. strands has a ‘partner’ colour in axis for every option.

The following pictures show some of the options we grouped, along with links to the ranges.  Also, see the dots of Pantone codes! We chose these in our office; they may vary under other lighting.


how axis  can work within the burmatex product range


burmatex axis blueprint, sky, mist contact sheet


Three axis blues; Blueprint, Sky and Mist. Shown with hadron, strands, grade, infinity stitch and balance greyscale. While axis is a perfect stand alone product, is is also a great partner for other products in our complete range.



burmatex axis , sky, mist, frost contact sheet


Blueprint is replaced with Frost; the perfect icy grey! This sheet contains hadron, surface, balance greyscale and balance atomic.



burmatex axis mist, frost, amber contact sheet


The grey/blue is refreshed by a pop of amber. These choices of axis are shown with hadron, balance atomic, balance greyscale, surface and grade.



burmatex axis amber, wren contact sheet


Our complete range of products will provide a large range of options! On this sheet, customers will see strands, grade, balance greyscale and hadron.



burmatex axis wren, jelly contact sheet


Wren contrasts well with Jelly. Bring other ranges into the mix and it is just so flexible! As a result of the large choice of products, schemes can be muted, vibrant, or both. See here axis working with hadron, grade, tivoli multiline, strands, balance atomic, infinity and balance greyscale.




Finally, expand the colours of nature, such as green and earthy tones, with vibrant yellow. Our website shows these, as well as the pinks, purples and reds which surround us. axis works here with balance atomic, balance greyscale, tivoli multiline and hadron.

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