Alaska – first multilevel loop product launch

Alaska; inspired by Alaska

alaska is our first multilevel loop product and its name was also what inspired us to create the design! This textural loop product comes in a range of twelve colours.

As designers, our interests lie with colour and texture, contrast and pattern. The links between these subjects continue to inspire us. Named after the most northern US state and popular travel destination, alaska echoes the textures found in the make-up of the land. The ice, water, layers of rock. The tactile finish of the product also works beautifully when used in stark contrast to some of our other ranges.

The concise colour palette, as well as the texture of this product, all relate to the invigorating outdoors of this beautiful state. This enables the creation of a fully nature-inspired flooring scheme, while not excluding the possibility of a more classic effect.

Each colour is a stand-alone option, or they can work in pairs or groups. A cool palette of greys sit with calming blue, or see a warmer toned pair teamed with a vibrant green. The softer greys and neutrals provide the perfect canvass for injecting accents of colour through other finishes such as soft furniture, walls and lighting.

close up image of burmatex alaska in colour Ridge, with Pantone chips

  burmatex image of alaska ridge with Pantone colour chart


Alaska design inspiration

A global love of travel – whether personally, or through the eyes of others –  inspires us, teaches us and provides goals to aspire to. New experiences unfurl before our eyes while we absorb facts and figures on geography, geology, landscape and lifestyle.

mountain image; avenue nineteen, with alaska colours ice, ridge, point, north

An icy ridge made of small drifts of frozen snow; a lake whose surface is interrupted by a sudden breeze – nature shapes and alters our outside surroundings at every level.

images from mark horrell, pinterest, jens holsten with alaska colours moose, anchor, creek, lake

Most, if not all, of us feel the positive impact of being around natural elements. Taking a walk in the fresh air, hiking along a mountain ridge, or simply enjoying a ‘living wall’ in our place of work.

burmatex image of desk garden with alaska colours husky, wolf, spruce, valley

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