The rise of neutral colours can be linked to the recent buzz around Scandinavian aesthetics.  The trend calls for de-cluttered spaces that play with light and texture rather than bright colour and loud pattern.

Soft and natural shades of concrete, cork, metal and wood are drawn upon for inspiration and used in interior schemes.

Cool, calming, relaxing; using these types of neutral tones on your floor can provide the perfect backdrop for splashes of colour in furnishings or wall coverings, or compliment a considered monochromatic style.

In this post, we are listing some ways to work with neutral colours from our product portfolio of carpet tiles and planks.

Soft Ombre

From softly grading from one neutral to another, you can subtly zone areas or walkways. An on-trend and easy way to avoid just one colour throughout. Our product grade (available in both tile and plank) is perfect for this effect, as it softly blends from light to dark over the tiles.  


Gradients of grey

tivoli planks | Storthes Hall, Huddersfield

lateral | Microsoft Offices, Sweden

There are so many different shades of grey.. Even busy floor schemes can be seen as neutral and understated, due to the colours used.

Bright accents

tandem, strandsbalance stripe | Bradford College

tivoli planks

zip, code | University of York

 Small scatterings of one or more bright colours can give a real lift to a neutral scheme. This can be done through carpet tiles and planks effortlessly, due to their modular nature.


surface | Doncaster Civic Office

zip | Co-Op Offices, Manchester


An obvious choice but so effective when working in a neutral and natural project, the stripe detail on these products gives them a little more interest than a plain product.



axis, grade

Dividing the floor space into large blocks of different natural shades adds angular lines to an otherwise monotone floor space.

Further reading and Inspiration on neutral finishes:

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