burmatex offer a wide spectrum of carpet tile colours; from light grey to bright lime, punchy orange and all the way down to the darkest of blacks. This post is specifically focusing on the deeper hues that we offer – detailing some advice on how to use them successfully and mindfully in a space, without creating an environment devoid of light or texture.

A dark floor adds drama to any interior, from education to office space. Especially when teamed up with bright accent finishes and natural light. It can be the equivalent to using a bright colour in terms of impact, whilst also looking sophisticated and smart.   

Below are our top three tips on how to utilise dark carpet tiles, along with images from case studies to inspire!

Focus on light or bright tones for walls and furnishings

Access Interiors Offices, St Ives

Product used: balance echo


Darwin Academy, Staffordshire

Product used: lateral


Malin Group Offices, Glasgow

Product used: infinity


Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield

Product used: balance stripe, strands

Pair with bright accents on the floor

AST Signs Offices, Cumbria

Products used: lateral, code


Dalmark Group Offices, Peterborough

Products used: balance echo, up /down


Degree 53 Offices, Manchester

Product used: tivoli plank


HSR2 College, Birmingham

Products used: balance greyscale, strands, tandem


Utilise natural light

University of Birmingham Library, Birmingham

Product used: tivoli


Bradford College, Yorkshire

Products used: balance greyscale, strands, tandem


Brunner Offices, London

Product used: strands


College of West Anglia, Wisbech

Products used: up, tivoli

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