16 August 2019

Blog post

So many of the images we capture for our Friday Flooring Favourites blog posts involve shadows of one character or another. This August, we have decided to dedicate a complete post to the subject. Tell us your favourite image!


Manchester office

The new burmatex carpet in this large office space is tivoli multiline. We love the creative approach to the installation method. This image, taken without any false light at all, totally accentuates the space available.


Shadow, plus reflection. Clerkenwell, London

The shadow creates it’s own wedge of contrast. We are fascinated with the reflection off the high-gloss red surface..


Sharing bike, London

Complete with basket. The whole image is an evocative capture of London life in 2019.


MONA exhibit, Tasmania, Australia

Despite the blurred effect, the shadows add to the strength of this monochrome art piece.


Clerkenwell Design Week wayfinding. Clerkenwell, London

You may have seen this image on our Instagram page – we love the simplicity and contrast! All the proportions work to create a balanced, abstract image.


Metal staircase at our burmatex headquarters in Ossett, West Yorkshire

Diagonal meets diagonal. In some places we can really spot the shadow of the handrail; in others it is barely there..


Parking lines on site, Ossett, West Yorkshire

Some may say less inspiring. Others (us!), can rarely walk past a photo opportunity like this – we constantly find inspiration around us.



The Green, Ossett, West Yorkshire

To finish with; opposite our headquarters, we love to walk through this park whenever we can. Different plants create their own canopies and shadows for us to record for future use.

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