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international offices create a contemporary design with burmatex® carpet tiles

balance atomic - loop pile carpet tiles in offices

Within these international offices in Poland, four heavy contract suitable (BREEAM A+/A) burmatex® carpet tile ranges have been used in a distinctive installation. The final scheme combines two monochromatic designs, from the balance and balance atomic ranges, with bright inserts of colour from the structure bonded® ranges, code and zip.

Using both a solid grey carpet tile (balance flint) and a multi-tile random-lay design (balance atomic storm) the flooring scheme defines different areas of the offices while maintaining a consistent appearance. These ranges present a contemporary design finish which works expertly with the understated office surroundings to create a statement floor.

Further tailored for a unique installation the introduction of bright structure bonded® colour inserts in both green (code lime zest) and purple (zip purple patch) have been used to reflect the corporate scheme in a practical, inspiring space. The unified structure bonded® carpet tile ranges allow for this type of individualised design.

Colours used:

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