Burmatex® was originally established as J&F Burrows in 1917 on the 11 acre site which is still occupied by the company today. Trade evolved through the processing of textile waste and synthetic materials for resale to the textile industry, to the manufacture of fibre bonded carpet in the 1960’s.

The company’s name changed in 1972, and Burmatex® is now a leading company within the multi-million pound AIREA plc.

1851Victoria Mills Construction

Victoria Mills was constructed by the Ellis Brothers. Costing around £50,000 it manufactured cloth for official uniforms.

Victoria Mills in Ossett - bird view

1917Victoria Mills open under J.F Burrows

J.F Burrows turned the mill to rag sorting for Ossett’s famous mungo and shoddy trade (making new material from old).

Victoria Mills in Ossett - workers

1930’s – Reclaimed Fibres

Within this industry J.F Burrows began supplying reclaimed nylon and polyester fibre from recycled parachute chord (alongside recycled rag trade).

Victoria Mills in Ossett - reclaimed fibre

1967 – First Carpet Machine

Innovating from the roots, J.F Burrows decided to employ their fibres in manufacturing our first carpet product.

1972 – Second Carpet Machine

A second loom was introduced, manufacturing a thicker carpet pile and the outsourced production of carpet tiles began.

Victoria Mill Ossett - New Machine

1980 – Backing Plant Built

Initially outsourced abroad, a backing plant was added to Victoria Mills – enabling completed products on a single site.

1986 – Tufting Machine

Building on our fibre bonded successes; the addition of a tufting machine developed the ranges available. Additionally, the takeover of The Carpet Tile Company at this point introduced new ranges and areas.

2000 – Ryalux

Further expansion within the carpeting market was achieved through the acquisition of Ryalux – a manufacturer of domestic carpeting.

Ryalux Carpets logo

2002 – William Pownall and Sons

A second acquisition increased our variety within the domestic carpeting market.

Pownall Carpets logo

2007 – Focused, Renamed

The sale of ventures introduced in the 1986 takeover created focus on the manufacture of carpet and carpet tiles. We subsequently re-branded as Burmatex® under AIREA

Burmatex Logo