Burmatex® armour completes entrances at Peterborough College

Peterborough College - carpet tiles: armour sterling block and stripe

This recent entry-way installation of Burmatex® performance barrier product armour at Peterborough Regional College presents an exceptionally hardwearing carpet tile entrance solution. Using a unique combination of absorbent and scraper solution dyed nylon yarn, armour removes up to 90% of dirt and moisture tracked into buildings.

Not only belonging to the largest educational campus in the region, Peterborough College also has many areas and services open for general public use. This means that the building is subject to a massive amount of traffic each day and makes the need for a quality entrance system paramount. The use of an entrance barrier system, such as armour, can help to prolong the life of other internal flooring finishes and can be maintained itself with a simple, regular cleaning regime.

Presenting a contemporary range, armour offers three design options, two of which – a block and a pinstripe tile – have been used in Peterborough College. Featuring a two stage entrance the college firstly features armour sterling block in a striking, quarter turn design which both removes and hides dirt. Continuing into the reception, the addition of armour sterling stripe – a simpler carpet tile design – is used along with the block for a calm installation which suits the spacious area.

armour has an understated, neutral colour palette which enables it to complement any installation area, within this installation the grey sterling colour way upholds the sophisticated entrance layout while emphasising the feature walls and details in the college’s signature highlights of yellow and green.

Colours used: