17 May 2018

Blog post

Today we are sharing another post in our colour focus series, with the emphasis being on yellow.

Found Inspiration

all images are burmatex own

A summery, positive and bright hue, yellow is often connected to happiness, creativity and energy. Psychologically it is a colour associated with sunshine and joy but also, paradoxically, with danger, warnings and cowardice .

We commonly see yellow being used with careful, curated abundance in the commercial interior sector. It is a colour often used in corporate branding as well as eye catching interior design. Yellow is a friend to white, black and grey, making it a perfect highlight colour for any interior space.


Images L-R, top to bottom: (1) Vibrant Colourful Architecture, (2) Sports Complex in The Netherlands, (3) Seattle Central Library, (4) Microsoft San Francisco, (5) North Carolina Hotel, (6) Concept Shop in Russia, (7) Madrid Advertising Agency, (8) Red Bull music Academy, New York

At burmatex, we have many yellow carpet tiles on offer; from strong, bold and striped to speckled, calm and tonal.


strands sixty canary

Products L-R: strands five canary, hadron firefly, axis orb, infinity starburst, tivoli online baltic amber, code rolled gold


We have also worked on projects with strong and soft yellow themes

all images are burmatex own and can be found here 

Would you consider using yellow in a commercial project?


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