31 August 2018

Blog post

Pinterest is a source of constant inspiration and ideas for us in the burmatex design studio. Earlier in the week, this image appeared in our feed and we were instantly intrigued by the format. New colour combinations are always something we are on the lookout for; to inspire our plans and project work, as well as new development ideas.

image via thred up

Below are mood boards featuring¬† some of our carpet tile ranges and other sourced images that tie each colour combination together. These colour combinations could relate to a whole interior scheme – carpet, wall colour, furniture, soft furnishings… The possibilities are seemingly endless!


L-R: style and minimalism, burmatex alaska, burmatex structure bonded, it’s nice that, burmatex hadron


L-R: burmatex rainfall, jenni rope, matthew venot, dior, burmatex broadway


L-R: burmatex academy, nattanatali, burmatex tivoli, present & correct, goodmoods


L-R: burmatex lateral, burmatex strands, dezeen, arch daily, burmatex hadron


L-R: burmatex echo, burmatex up/down, office snapshots, burmatex alaska, burmatex rainfall, flickr


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