19 September 2018

Blog post

In this post we are exploring another hue for our ongoing colour focus series, green.


Green can be found working across a whole spectrum. From light to dark as well as warm and cold. It is unequivocally linked to nature but can also be found in distinctive man made hues such as neon.

Over the past 10 years or so, green (specifically lime) has been used in abundance throughout the commercial interior sector. It is now slowly shifting from this bright and fun shade, to more natural, pastel and unexpected varieties.

Not likely to go out of style any time soon, green for the interior and exterior design world is a fail safe colour. One that feels familiar and connected to the natural world. The joy of green is it’s added lift and pop to otherwise static neutral schemes, whilst also feeling safe and familiar.


all images are burmatex own


Images L-R, top to bottom: (1) Chicago McDonald’s, (2 + 3) Tourism company offices in Vietnam, (4) Mother, (5) Hotel Vernet, (6) Washington home designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline, (7) Office S&M, London, (8) Mix magazine issue 52

At burmatex, we have a wide variety of green carpet tiles on offer; from strong, bold and striped to speckled, calm and tonal.




We have also worked on many projects that use our greens, in both strong and soft finishes


all images are burmatex own and can be found here 

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