10 October 2018

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Texture within an interior setting is an important factor to consider. Even for non-tactile surfaces such as floor and wall coverings. Introducing various textures inside can help create an atmosphere of warmth, calm and comfort or create a more industrial, corporate feel. This post will look at individual products from the burmatex portfolio that can help you to incorporate texture into interior schemes.


Part of our structure bonded range, lateral is a bright almost-plain coloured product. The distinct ridges in the texture are eye catching and modern. Lateral is the perfect product for open plan, industrial themed offices – think large windows, exposed brickwork and pops of colour

OE Electrics Offices, Wakefield – lateral


Storthes Hall Student Accomodation, Huddersfield – lateral (and tivoli plank)


EMS Offices, Dubai – lateral


The texture in this product is subtle but effective. A weft effect across the tiles helps break up the linearity of the design and add a soft texture. Ideal for spaces that call for only a pop of colour, but with more interest than a plain or striped product.

Quelfire Offices, Chesire – hadron


Insight Offices, Sheffield – hadron (and axis)

Bolton Hospice – hadron (and tivoli)


The pattern of Osaka is made up of varying textures and colours, resulting in an almost velveteen appearance. It is a mix of both soft and strong – in colour, contrast and texture. A high end approach to texture on the floor.     

Studio Image – osaka

Studio Image – osaka (and alaska)

Studio Image – osaka


Influenced by oceanic waves, the texture in alaska is strong but the colour palette soft. This results in an unobtrusive product that you can pour on the floor. Giving the office environment a sense of calm warmth, inspired by nature.

Nottingham Trent University – alaska


Studio Image – alaska


High 5 Offices, Czechia – alaska


Cut pile carpet tiles are the one of the best ways to get a soft and almost home like feel to a corporate or commercial interior space. Origin has a pile weight of 1000g and luxury class rating of 4. This makes it perfect for boardrooms and individual office spaces.

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – origin (and strands)


Scottish Crime Campus, North Lanarkshire – origin (axis and strands)

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