7 December 2018

Blog post
Different pairs of inspiration curated from our travels near and far!

Top; burmatex studio installation of osaka sumi and infinity solar flare. Bottom; Bay of Fires, Tasmania.

The texture of the orange lichen on the surface of the rocks is echoed in the infinity. The random breaks in the rocks are acknowledged in the osaka pattern.


Left; burmatex factory floor flex. Right, Tasmanian tree roots. Both completely random, we love the synergy between the man-made/natural versions of a similar finished appearance.


Left; burmatex original squash court floor. Right Australian kerbside.

Did you know that our offices used to be squash courts?! One of them remains (almost) untouched.. The fallen blossom creates its own natural red marker which lines the roadside.


Left; burmatex studio structure bonded product installation. Right; MONA Tasmania light installation.

burmatex zip and lateral combine to create our own colour spectrum, while the installation at MONA is dependent on sunlight! The scale of these areas of light refraction were compelling.


Left; burmatex studio alaska photography. Right; grass verge in Penguin, Tasmania.

The texture of alaska is replicated on the pavement here, which also incorporated copies of early photographs of the area.


Left; Chattanooga sidewalk. Right Tasmanian beach.

Learn the Mambo in Chattanooga, or see the different rhythm of natural elements left as the tide goes out at the beach..


Top; Malin Group HQ with burmatex mixed ranges. Bottom; Australian roadside.

This rotunda installation of burmatex products has its own synergy with the image of the Australian ground; the changes in texture, the mixed neutrals, the pops of colour – an unexpected pair that works so well.

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