15 March 2019

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We have missed our First Friday Flooring Favourites posts! Here is an enjoyable mix of images for this third Friday of the month..

Beautiful brass joining strip under a banister rail at Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax UK


We love this tactile strip at the roadside edge in Hobart, Tasmania.


Remaining in Tasmania, an intricate floor in MONA


This design doesn’t join over the edges of the tiles used here, but the overall look is still random and flowing


In contrast – here at burmatex, we loved this tiled floor at Peterborough Cathedral – timeless!


The more you look, the more you see; beautiful reflections of the Tasmanian Sea under the gridded walkway


Another unique and beautiful floor in one of the installations at MONA, Tasmania


The coppery tones combining with the dark surface is a perfect combination in the Magnificent Desolation (Matthew Day Jackson) exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK


The tones of the previous image are reversed in this view; lighter rust and copper tones merge softly with grey at this intersection between these four panels at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.


The Tasmanian Sea washes over the white sand on this beach – each wave brings its own unique and organic pattern.


To finish – the images on the left are of a mosaic floor in Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax UK. The images on the right are of a mosaic floor in Melbourne Australia. We love the similarities and how the flooring fashions of a certain era weren’t altered by being half a world apart!

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