17 February 2021

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In this post, we are showing ideas for how carpet tiles can allow you to zone different areas. Whether you want to respond to the current social distanced climate or just need to allocate areas of an interior space, we hope the below images are of help and inspiration!

We work on many design plans at burmatex but it isn’t something we share all that often.  Seeing this article from Dezeen though, gave us the idea to delve into our archives and create this post; sharing another part of our design process.

The above plan uses Tivoli and Tivoli mist to section off areas with a bright blue colour. Tivoli mist is so effective here as it softly zones areas.


The above plan uses Tivoli planks and Tivoli mist planks to subtly grade from one area to another.


The above plan uses Tivoli and Tivoli mist to section off areas with a multitude of highlight colours. The Tivoli range has such an expansive colour palette that this is an effortless design feature from the collection. You can read more about our new Tivoli collection here and here.


Using large,angular cuts to divide a space is modern and stunning. Shown here in our multilevel loop pile product, Osaka.


The above design is laid out in an abstract fashion but you could easily use large blocks of colour to divide and navigate an interior space.


Triangular cuts are used in 2x different ways in the scheme above to direct you down walkways. Products used in this plan are; Rainfall, Osaka and Tivoli.


Blocked, pixel style colour gradients can be fun as well as informative, showing different zoned areas.

You can find other “how to use” posts here.

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