16 June 2021

Blog post

In this post we are looking at how to effectively use pops of colour in an interior scheme. The modular nature of carpet tiles makes them perfect for this. Injecting some colour into an scheme needn’t be daunting. This blog post will hopefully give some ideas and inspiration!

This scheme uses our ever popular products tivoli and tivoli mist. A walkway is created by using the transition of the tivoli mist tiles. This gives two separate coloured zones either side of the walkway.


Cut tiles are an effective way to create something completely unique. The pops of rainfall leaf here are used to designate a seating area.


This scheme also uses cut tiles, in a more creative way. By mixing osaka inkpot and matcha, two fun and lively zones are created.


Simple yet effective, the pop of blue from rainfall air lifts the other two greys in this scheme.


Tivoli and tivoli mist are used together again here to create a random but clear walkway. The addition of purple helps to brighten the entire space.

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