22 November 2021

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As design and trade fairs start to open up again, we have been looking for trends at some of the bigger shows. This post is looking at the 2021 Design London and NeoCon Chicago fairs.

NeoCon, Design London

Both exhibitions celebrate contemporary design bringing the interior design industry together.

We were lucky enough to visit Design London in September which filled us with inspiration with its cutting-edge furniture, contemporary lighting and innovative use of materials. It is always such a great source of colour inspiration for us. Below we have highlighted some of the key colour trends found at the exhibition.

Ultramarine blue

Unsurprisingly after Pantones colours of the year 2020, classic blue, we are still seeing a strong emergence of blue. This striking and brave colour was incredibly eye-catching, adding to the buzz and energy within the room. We found it worked well paired with warm yellows and neutrals. If you are looking to bring some bold colour into your interior space, then our tivoli range would be the perfect fit, in particular crete or ionian blue.

Artifort, Empty state studio 

Warm neutrals

Another key colour we found throughout the exhibition were these lovely warm neutrals ranging from warm grey to rose gold. The neutral trend for 2021 continues to move away from cold greys and towards these traditional creams and warm, earthy tones. This trend is all about bringing comfort and calm into a room. Looking towards our own carpet tiles ranges, we have plenty of warm options. We can recommend our dapple range with tones such as spring seed, as well as warm frost and city clay within our balance collection. 

Christian Watson, Six dots design 

Sage blue

Sage blues, teal and duck egg tones were used across much of the furniture and accessories within the exhibition. It felt fresh and airy, lifting the dark charcoal hues it was often paired with.

Design London was the only exhibition we visited in person. NeoCon 2021 was widely reported this year and provided a great source of information, inspiration and ideas. NeoCon was held in Chicago in October and focuses on commercial interior design. It was looking at new innovative ideas showcasing post-pandemic workplace options. Below are some images of the most inspiring images from the exhibition. Bold blues, warm neutrals and refreshing sage tones are again featuring as some of the key colours within the exhibition.


Davis furniture, Narbutas international, Cumberland furniture 

Sourced online

We look forward to many more trade fairs opening back up in 2022 for us to visit!

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