go to refresh installation ideas 2023

20 March 2023

Blog post

This blog post is a continuation from our previous blog post , we will be talking you through creative and functional ways you can install go to into your flooring space. There are endless possibilities with our new refreshed go to colour palette.

Made from EqoCycle 75 recyled solution dyed nylon paired with our Bio Base recycled backing.


Flooring inspiration

Layout 1

Layout 1 offers an idea to creates zones on your flooring space. Having a splash of vibrant colour amongst neutrals gives your interior space a contemporary look without overcomplicating. The colours used in this scheme are orange, jet black, medium grey stripe, light beige, dark beige and metal grey.

Layout 2

Layout 2 gives an option of using colour to create a rug effect in your office space. This looks effective as it adds an element of sophistication to your space, you can change it up with a brighter colour if you want to be bolder. Offering two different neutrals at either side of the rug creates a harmonic pairing that is a creative twist on a simplistic design idea. This example includes light grey, deep blue and medium grey.

Layout 3

Layout 3 offers a runner effect which can be used to emphasise desk spaces or could be used as a walkway. This example includes; moss green, light grey and jet black.

Layout 4

Layout 4 offers a refined pixelated pattern that could run through your chosen space. Complimentary neutrals run either side of the repeating module. This example includes moss green, medium grey and light grey.

Layout 5

Layout 5 shows an example of how you can create eye catching and statement flooring schemes with our go to product. This plaid style flooring is installed at the University of Chichester. The colours used in this diagram is light grey, coal grey and jet black.


Layout 6

Layout 6 offers a pixelated pattern which could be used underneath desks or as a repeating pattern across a floor space. The vibrancy of the colours used in the scheme against the strong jet black gives a stand out look. The colours used in this scheme are orange, jet black, red and metal grey.

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