Colour Trends at Stockholm Furniture Fair and Workspace Design Show

6 April 2023

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In this post we are reviewing two recent design fairs; Workspace Design Show and The Stockholm Furniture Fair. We look to these types of fairs and events to pick out ideas, trends and inspiration for our products. Whether it be from talks, pattern, colour or exhibition themes.

Though we did not attend the Stockholm furniture fair in person, we were able to view images from the event online and attend a virtual talk by Karl Johan Bertilsson, the creative director of NCS, natural color system. The talk focused on colour trends for 2024 and how these trends are predicted, by looking into the psychology of colour, the need for contrasted colours in interior spaces to rest as well as focus, the new wave of vibrant colours coming through after many years of grey and how the current global environment influences colour choices. For 2024, the following were listed as important topics; climate change, hope, and escapism.

Throughout this inspirational and informative talk, Karl referenced 4 key trends. Three of which we saw reflected at the Workspace show, as well as in our own design research.

Wood Kick

Raw nature gives us beautiful and clear unfiltered colours. Used in conjunction with biophilic design, you can create spaces that enable people to recharge themselves through nature. Soft clean and pure highlights are paired with warm tinted neutrals.

img links from L-R: Laura Perryman for G.F Smith papers, Pinterest, Burmatex own from Workspace Design Show, Dezeen, Burmatex own from Workspace Design Show, Burmatex own from Workspace Design Show, Burmatex own

Heart Stop

Love. Hope. Stop. Action. A clash of bold blue and red in all its hues. Together with cozy, wooden inspired greys, this trend is a call to action, bold and all encompassing.

img links from L-R: Burmatex own from Workspace Design Show, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Pinterest, Pinterest, Burmatex own from Workspace Design Show, Dezeen,

Young Folk

This trend focuses on the newer generations, Z and alpha. They are bringing ethical and conscious consumer decisions into our world, whilst being fully submerged and raised with technology. They are constantly chasing joy and in design play with high brights mixed with mindful pastels. Pink, vegetable green and yellow with a green undertone are their metaverse palette.

img links from L-R: Pinterest, Brian Asare,, Adobe Stock,, Maud Vantours

You can read more about our visits and rundowns of design fairs and exhibitions here on our blog.

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