Key Trends at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

6 June 2023

Blog post

In this blog post we will be taking a look at key colour and surface trends that were spotted at the iconic Clerkenwell Design Week. The UK’s leading design festival was saturated with colour, cutting-edge and innovative design. We are always attending design fairs, industry talks and exhibitions as this is a valuable source of inspiration to see what is current in the market place.

We will be talking through 3 key colour trends spotted at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Trend 1

Saturated Orange, Sage Green, Clay, Rich Reds,

Curved Edges, Checked Prints

The first trend that we spotted was a punchy and vibrant orange. This colour was translated through fabric on furniture, through accents on an interior accessory or even subliminally through stained wood which was also a reoccurring theme at the festival. The orange was mostly paired with a pastel coral pink or sage green. Furniture had curved edges and soft finishes in velour, fleece and soft materials. We also spotted a variation of checked patterns and prints mostly used in flooring!

img links from: Yellowtrace, thinkk studio, Burmatex own images featuring: Svensson, Benchmark, Kirkby Design, James Burleigh, Inflate, Yinka Ilori, Davison Highley, KimKim Ceramic

Trend 2

Toffee and Caramel browns, Sandy Beiges, Pale Blues,

Wood Finishes, Raw Materials, Natural Fleece

Our second trend to discuss is raw materials, this was used in conjunction with pale blues and clays. Again, curved and spherical shapes were a recurring trend. We spotted rich caramel and toffee browns paired with stained wood and textural surfaces. This trend palette is warm and calming promoting well being and productivity in a commercial space.

img links from: Schneid Studio, Omayra Maymo, WyldStudio, Burmatex own images from Clerkenwell Design Week featuring: Dare Studio, Domus, Mirage, NowyStyl

Trend 3 

Purple, Soft Green, Pastels,

Bobbled, Boucle, Velour, Exaggerated Knits

Our final trend that we will be looking at is the popular soft green and purple which has been spotted all over many trend shows in 2023. This calming, harmonic paring was spotted through flooring, furniture and various finishes.

img links from: Burmatex own from Clerkenwell Design Week featuring: Davison Highley, Pinterest, Agile Acoustics, Saba, NaughtOne, Dare Studio


Keep your eyes peeled for more trend led palettes, stories and design visits! In the meantime, take a look at our previous blog posts here! 

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