delighted to introduce alaska – our first multilevel loop carpet tiles

alaska carpet tiles from burmatex

A global love of travel – whether personally, or through the eyes of others – provides inspiration, education, aspiration. New experiences unfurl before our eyes; we absorb facts and figures on geography, geology, landscape and lifestyle.

As designers, our interests lie with colour and texture, contrast and pattern, and the relationships between these subjects. Named after the most northern US state and popular travel destination, alaska echoes the textures found in the make-up of the land; the ice, water, layers of rock. The textural finish of the product also works beautifully when used in deliberate contrast to some of our other ranges.

Each of 12 colours in the contemporary, yet timeless, palette is a stand-alone option which provides a sophisticated all-over effect. Combinations of pairs or small groups selected from this palette highlight the overall versatility; a cool palette of greys punctuated with energising blue or a warmer toned selection teamed with a vibrant green. The softer greys and neutrals provide the perfect canvass for injecting accents of colour through other finishes such as soft furniture, walls and lighting.

alaska as all our carpet tiles and planks is manufactured in the UK for high traffic areas with BS EN 13297, Heavy Commercial use class 33 and environment friendly low VOC. It is using solution dyed, 100% regenerated, nylon (Econyl®) and is our first multilevel loop product.