Burmatex® carpet tiles in Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2013

Microsoft Sweden lateral carpet tiles

Burmatex® can announce that our products have achieved further design recognition through another exceptional installation, this time within the winner of Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2013, Microsoft Sweden, featuring nearly 4,500 meters of Burmatex®’s high quality carpet tiles.

Microsoft’s re-imagining of their expansive office space sought to optimise the working environment through a contemporary and innovative layout – exchanging personal desks for open and optional work areas. Three neutral shades of Burmatex® lateral®, from our unique structure bonded® range, were chosen along with five vibrant colours for the entire scheme, with one highlight colour being integrated into each defined space throughout the offices, in a shifting block design.

In conjunction with the three neutral shades used in all areas, the selected feature shades of lateral® expertly work with the different finishes and furnishings across the different office areas, complementing the complete design scheme. Bold variations in colour throughout the project emphasise the available space and enhance the inspirational impact of the office’s contemporary, open and stimulating environment.

Burmatex®’s variety of calm and vibrant colour tones within Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2013 create a striking environment. All areas within the design use lateral® tile carbon steel, concrete jungle and diamond dust.

With a single highlight colour from lateral® tile blue monday, indigo snake, lime street, purple emperor and turquoise mountain.

Colours used: