burmatex® installs up & stands carpet tiles at Charles de Gaulle airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris strands up carpet tiles

burmatex®’s inspired ability to creatively translate an envisaged design ideal into an eye-catching and practical solution has been recently demonstrated in remarkable fashion through the completion of the refitting of Departure Terminal 2F of Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the first installation of the recently launched up, which addresses the requirement for an overall plain appearance while being suitable for the very high volumes of traffic.

As the largest of Paris’ airports and within the most active of Europe’s passenger airports, burmatex®’s rigorously tested tiles, with their 10 year guarantee and Green Guide environmental ratings of either A+ or A, present the ideal solution for heavy contract situations. Complemented by our renowned combination of flexibility and innovation in both design and manufacturing, burmatex®’s inspired design team employ creativity with technical knowledge to create attractive, unique and safe carpets with a reliable first class performance.

The architect on this project expressed an interest in using our strands product range – with bright accents of a warm and optimistic orange on a background of mid grey with black pinstripes. strands ten and strands sixty were selected from the standard range and a custom version – strands thirty – was created by our innovative design team in order to complement these two styles. A repeated and symmetrical rectangular layout of the three strands variations feature around and highlight the seating areas, enhancing the large split corridors of space and are encased by a custom colour of up.

The finished design clearly optimises the airports use of space, presenting a vibrant and creative development.