Burmatex® tivoli used in ‘Face to Face’ art exhibition

Museum Project Face to Face, Finland, tivoli

A number of Burmatex® carpet tiles have been used as part of an art installation at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.

Within the introductory space of the ‘Face to Face’ exhibition each carpet tile from the tivoli range is spaced to indicate a standing position which will produce a different set of reflections from a series of angled, wall mounted mirrors.

As well as holding a functional purpose, the use of carpet tiles as a directional marker will create a softer feel underfoot than choosing to mark the existing hard floor. Subtly increasing the comfort and relaxation of the audience will encourage longer and more considered use of the installation.

The choice of carpet tiles also makes the intention of the installation immediately clear. Contrasting the matt finish of each carpet tile against the shiny flooring makes each suggested standing position immediately apparent and accessible.

This interactive installation creates an interesting opening to the ‘Face to Face’ exhibition. By immediately encouraging some simple participation with the exhibition space the museum emphasises the importance of personal awareness, self-reflection and willing interaction throughout the entire exposition.

Offering a generous colour palette the Green Guide A+/A tivoli contract carpet tile range holds a variety of bright and subtle colour options, used in this installation for an understated, functional purpose.

Colours used: