carpet planks shape flooring designs in offices

grade & tivoli carpet planks at DKA Architects

Carpet planks ranges were recently introduced at Burmatex® and this alternative carpet form is successfully shaping flooring designs in offices across the UK.

One of the latest carpet plank installations had a place in the architectural practice DKA Architects in Bath. The creative and modern design combines 3 colours of the grade range and 1 colour of the tivoli range.

As a main background DKA chose a selection of greys in a light and medium palette, splashed with darker tones across the floor. In the reception area and the meeting space they added bright and bold green tivoli bermuda lime to make the space even more energetic.

The selection of the modern grey colours laid randomly in a double herringbone pattern, perfectly matches the heritage style of the interior. Grey wooden beams supporting the roof and stylish grey metal cabinets compliment the bright green tivoli highlights and illustrate one of the current trends interior office design.