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colourful student accommodation in tivoli carpet tiles

Cropped University of Salford Student Accommodation, tivoli

In a Green Guide A+/A finish the renowned burmatex® tivoli carpet tile collection has been used to complete student accommodation apartments at the University of Salford.

Each room uses a small entrance area of a solid colour tivoli with the majority of the room in the coordinating stripe design of tivoli multiline. This scheme defines two areas within the space, giving the accommodation a more flexible, homely feel.

One of four different colour options – green, red, purple or beige – has been used in each room, incorporating the corresponding colours from the tivoli and tivoli multiline designs.

By using different combinations of colour in both the flooring and features each space is unique. Every accommodation area can then develop a more personalised feel.

Both the heavy contract suitability (class 33) and detailed design helps maintain the quality finish throughout the accommodation, preventing wear and disguising dirt.

Colours used:

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