go to® – carpet tiles

21801 jet black1/20
  1. go to 21801 jet black
  2. go to 21802 coal grey
  3. go to 21903 medium grey stripe
  4. go to 21816 metal grey
  5. go to 21902 coal grey stripe
  6. go to 21803 medium grey
  7. go to 21817 light grey
  8. go to 21810 sky blue
  9. go to 21806 sea blue
  10. go to 21906 sea blue stripe
  11. go to 21822 deep blue
  12. go to 21821 purple
  13. go to 21820 red
  14. go to 21819 orange
  15. go to 21818 moss green
  16. go to 21811 green
  17. go to 21915 dark beige stripe
  18. go to 21815 dark beige
  19. go to 21814 medium beige
  20. go to 21813 light beige
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go to® – carpet tiles

The refreshed palette of go to® uses EqoCycle® 75 recycled solution dyed nylon. This, combined with our BioBase® recycled backing produces a low carbon update to this reliable product range.

go to® offers two designs, sixteen plains and four stripe options. The range of colours has been increased to create this attractively practical, versatile and flexible palette.

go to® has a proven track record of high performance and resilience that Burmatex® carpet tiles are known for. This core level loop range is the go to® choice for users that are looking for a quick and easy carpet installation option.


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go to medium beige dark beige stripe


 eco2matters low carbon go to® is low carbon
 eco2matters EqoCycle75 yarn go to® uses EqoCycle® 75
go to® uses BioBase®
recycled backing
Burmatex® reco2very take back service provides a no landfill solution for your used tiles
Burmatex® products are made using 100% certified renewable electricity
eco2matters® declarations are independently 3rd party verified


Product description Low Carbon Level Loop Yarn description EcoCycle® 75 recycled solution dyed nylon Size 50cm x 50cm Pile weight 500g/m2 Total weight 3810g/m2 Total thickness 5.5mm Wear classification BS EN 1307 Heavy Commercial Use Class 33 View full technical spec Download NBS technical spec Download Shade card Download BIM object Download Download all images Download EPD Download