lateral® – carpet tiles

1834 soap stone1/18
  1. lateral 1802 zinc asphalt carpet tile
  2. lateral 1801 carbon steel carpet tile
  3. lateral carpet tiles - 1809 ink stone
  4. lateral carpet tiles - 1814 blue monday
  5. lateral carpet tiles - 1813 lavender oil
  6. lateral carpet tiles - 1890 purple emperor
  7. lateral carpet tiles - 1886 pink diamond
  8. lateral carpet tiles - 1882 turquoise mountain
  9. lateral carpet tiles - 1883 emerald coast
  10. lateral carpet tiles - 1830 lime street
  11. lateral carpet tiles - 1887 gold quest
  12. lateral carpet tiles - 1839 mandarin duck
  13. lateral carpet tiles - 1845 scarlet runner
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lateral® – carpet tiles

lateral® carpet tiles present a ground-breaking design using the unique structure bonded® technique.

With an innovative textured appearance and durable composition lateral® is the ideal product offering across the education, leisure, commercial and public sectors.

lateral® works expertly with the complementary structure bonded® range of code for impactful installations.


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lateral carpet tiles from burmatex


 eco2matters low carbon lateral® is low carbon
lateral® features
anti-fray/anti-ravel technology
lateral® uses BioBase®
recycled backing
Burmatex® reco2very take back service provides a no landfill solution for your used tiles
Burmatex® products are made using 100% certified renewable electricity
eco2matters® declarations are independently 3rd party verified
Product description low carbon structure bonded® Yarn description 85% Polypropylene 15% Nylon Size 50 cm x 50 cm Pile weight 950g/m2 Total weight 4200g/m2 Total thickness 7.8mm Wear classification Heavy Contract View full technical spec Download NBS technical spec Download Shade card Download BIM object Download Download all images Download EPD Download