tivoli – carpet planks

21145 dominica dawn1/27
  1. tivoli 21145 dominica dawn carpet plank
  2. tivoli 21142 antigua steel carpet plank
  3. tivoli multiline 21203 melanesia grey carpet plank
  4. tivoli multiline 21207 tenerife black carpet plank
  5. tivoli 21107 st lucia night carpet plank
  6. tivoli 21159 montserrat black carpet plank
  7. tivoli 21114 st martin sands carpet plank
  8. tivoli 21108 belize greige carpet plank
  9. tivoli multiline 21204 polynesia beige carpet plank
  10. tivoli 21152 nassau skies carpet plank
  11. tivoli 21120 barbados blue carpet plank
  12. tivoli multiline 21201 ibiza blue carpet plank
  13. tivoli 21153 key west blue carpet plank
  14. tivoli 21103 caicos azure carpet plank
  15. tivoli 21113 serranilla stone carpet plank
  16. tivoli 21111 barthelemy green carpet plank
  17. tivoli 21102 bermuda lime carpet plank
  18. tivoli multiline 21202 pacific green carpet plank
  19. tivoli 21106 green turtle carpet plank
  20. tivoli 21154 puerto rico purple carpet plank
  21. tivoli 21112 marie galante purple carpet plank
  22. tivoli multiline 21205 mauritius mauve carpet plank
  23. tivoli 21149 martinique maroon carpet plank
  24. tivoli multiline 21206 reunion terracotta carpet plank
  25. tivoli 21110 bellamy red carpet plank
  26. tivoli 21105 bahamas orange carpet plank
  27. tivoli 21104 tortola gold carpet plank
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tivoli – carpet planks


tivoli carpet planks offer two loop pile designs – a solid colour tivoli and a stripe tivoli multiline. The colour selection creates a broad palette with complementary colours across the two designs developing creative installation options.

tivoli carpet planks are made with 100% solution dyed nylon and are suitable for heavy commercial use (class 33).

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Product description Low Level Loop Yarn description 100% Solution Dyed Nylon (Polyamide-PA) Size 25cm x 100cm Pile weight 600g/m2 Total weight 4050g/m2 Total thickness 6.5mm Wear classification BS EN 1307 Heavy Commercial Use Class 33 View full technical spec Download NBS technical spec Download BIM object Download Download all images Download