Journey to Net Zero

Carbon Negative Recycled Yarn


carbon negative yarn

Yarn is the single biggest source of carbon in a carpet tile so in 2021 Burmatex® committed to making all new products from low carbon yarn.

By working with our partners, and through advances in material science, we now have a range of low carbon yarns, including a carbon negative yarn, which we use to reduce the amount of carbon in our products.

Working in partnership with Universal Fibers®, they developed Thrive® matter, the world’s first carbon negative recycled yarn.

reducing carbon

Carbon Negative Yarn Is A Truly Groundbreaking Development

Carbon negative yarns removes both the carbon associated with the yarn, as well as offsetting at source, the remaining carbon in a carpet tile.


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Recycled Backing System

biobase backing

Unique to Burmatex®, BioBase™ is our low carbon backing system, made using locally sourced recycled organic materials.

Developed as part of a joint research project with Huddersfield University, BioBase® includes recycled industrial waste, previously destined for landfill, which we use in our backing system.

Combined with 100% organic, non-vinyl polymer binders and fillers, BioBase® contains a minimum of 77% recycled content.

This combination of material science and process technology means BioBase® requires less energy during the production process.

All our products use our BioBase® recycled backing system. As well as being low carbon, this innovative backing system ensures we achieve class 33 heavy commercial and class Bf1 s1 fire safety performance across all our products, and enables us to offer a 15 year warranty as standard.

100% organic

Carbon Neutral Carpet Tiles

carbon neutral

On our journey to Net Zero we must find new ways of reducing our carbon emissions, to help tackle climate change, and reduce global warming. Ultimately, all our products will be third party independently verified as embodied carbon neutral.

This vital goal drives us to develop such innovations as our unique BioBase® low carbon backing system, and to invest in products such as the world’s first carbon negative recycled yarn.

By combining these innovations, alongside our improvements in energy and waste management, we are now able to produce carbon neutral ranges. Using carbon negative recycled yarn enables us to offset at source, any remaining low levels of carbon that remain in the carpet tile.

offset at source


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) And Independent Third Party Verification

3rd party verified

EPDs and independent third party verification are an integral part of the eco2matters® sustainability principles. We have therefore significantly invested in product specific EPDs.

Rather than use generic or product category EPDs, we believe it is important to provide the reassurance of product specific, independently third party verified, Environmental Product Declarations.

This ensures you know the exact carbon footprint and can make an informed decision when deciding which product to use.

All our EPDs are available on both our website and on the International EPD system database –