Positive Environmental Impact

We Are Making A Difference

We understand that our actions impact the environment, and we are committed to acting responsibly.

100% of our electricity is from certified renewable sources. We continue to make significant progress in reducing our waste through Project Zero Landfill. Our recovery take back service, provides a no landfill option for used carpet tiles.

100% Renewable Electricity

100% renewable

In 2010, Burmatex® made the commitment to only use 100% certified renewable electricity. We are committed to both reducing our energy usage, but also in investing in our own renewable energy generation.

In 2023, Burmatex® invested in solar electricity, through the installation of solar panels at our 11 acre site in Ossett, United Kingdom.

This will generate green energy equivalent to being able to run over 6,000 UK homes for a year (Source: Ofgem’s typical domestic consumption values 2021 decision letter. Based on average UK homes annual electricity consumption of 2,900 KWh).


100% renewable electricity

Project – Zero Landfill

zero landfill

In 2021 we commenced Project – Zero Landfill, a company-wide initiative, to further the reduction of waste generation, and to find ways to sustainably process what waste remained. Our ultimate goal was to ensure that no waste went to landfill.

We were able to significantly increase the amount of waste we recycled, as well as diverting 32.7% of our waste from landfill to other streams such as energy from waste (EfW). Importantly, this waste is used to provide energy for local social housing
for low income families.

During 2022 Burmatex® reached a key sustainability milestone by diverting all waste from landfill. We achieved this by increasing our recycling to almost 50%, with the remainder continuing to be used to provide energy for local social housing.

With the actions already taken, there is no longer any waste sent to landfill, achieving our goal of Zero Landfill. A small amount of waste (3%) will continue to be used to generate energy for local social housing, with 97% of our waste being recycled.

Continuing to further reduce waste remains one of our key objectives.

zero landfill

Recovery Take Back Service

take back scheme

At Burmatex®, we design products to support the circular economy, and by using our recovery take back service, you help support it too.

With class 33 heavy commercial performance, backed by our 15 year warranty, our products are made to last.

When it’s time to refresh your floor, the recovery take back service gives your used carpet tiles a new lease of life. Working with our partners, we work to find your used carpet tiles a new home, such as helping local community organisations requiring low cost flooring.

Where, due to their condition, reuse is not an option, your used carpet tiles can generate energy for local housing.

By using the recovery take back service, you can ensure none of your used carpet tiles end up in landfill.

To find out more, please contact your local Burmatex® Business Account Manager, or our Service Centre.

recovery take back