effects of light and shadow illuminate new tiltnturn carpet tile range

tiltnturn carpet tiles from burmatex

tiltnturn is the latest addition to our multilevel loop product offer, available in a palette of twelve colours.

tiltnturn was inspired by a fascination with how light reflects on and off angled surfaces, bringing life to solid colour. Pops of light and shade sit alongside harmonising mid tones. As the product is installed, new angles and shapes emerge alongside areas of quiet, creating a unique effect in each space. The overall effect is contemporary yet calm and unique. The smooth transition from darker tones to lighter tones within tiltnturn reflect the amazing effects of light and shadow which surround us every day. All colours work alone, or can be grouped together. Either option will complement other furniture and finishes within each project.

The colour palette is made up of several usable and practical base greys and neutrals, with additional highlight, lowlight and feature colours.