burmatex® environmental ethos

burmatex® are committed to an environmental ethos which filters back to the companies roots in 1917.

Environment friendly carpets made in the UK

As burmatex® both design and manufacture our products on a single site in West Yorkshire we are able to maintain a unique environmental culture throughout the entire company. In this way each stage of our manufacturing process considers and contributes towards the environmental rating of all our products.

All burmatex® carpet tiles are manufactured using 100% renewable electricity and contain over 60% recycled content – with a unique Accummen™ backing system which contains over 75% reclaimed, locally sourced content.

Importantly, each step burmatex® takes towards achieving sustainability is evidenced and supported by strict eco-standards, with burmatex® holding A or A+ Green Guide ratings across all product ranges and an overall A+ VOC rating.

download burmatex environmental environmental

The burmatex® environmental brochure details the considerations throughout production which have enabled all burmatex® ranges to achieve the highest environmental ratings.