burmatex® Environmental Ethos

burmatex® are committed to an environmental ethos which filters back to the company’s roots in 1917. All of our products are designed and manufactured on a single site in West Yorkshire creating a unique eco-friendly culture which is reflected within every stage of production, crediting us with a high environmental rating across our full range.

All burmatex® carpet tiles & planks are manufactured using 100% renewable electricity containing over 60% recycled materials including yarn and fibre, and a unique Accummen™ backing system with over 75% reclaimed, locally sourced content.

Our environmental brochure details the considerations we have made which have enabled all burmatex® ranges to achieve the highest environmental ratings, such as A or A+ Green Guide accreditations and an overall A+ VOC certificate.

We continuously strive to assess and improve our manufacturing process to maximise sustainability and minimise the use of raw materials and power, ensuring to recycle waste and electricity as much as strictly possible.

In addition to the strong eco-standards we set throughout production, burmatex® carpet tiles & planks offer a number of environmental benefits over other common flooring options, providing a resilient alternative to the contract flooring market.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to transport and carry as a result of their compact size and shape
  • Good insulators in comparison to non-carpet alternatives
  • Resilient finish with Burmatex® tiles & planks offering a 10 year guarantee
  • Lasting design that can be replaced without needing to take up the floor