Carpet Tiles: a responsible flooring

Carpet tiles not only ideally address the demands of the contract flooring market, but offer a number of environmental benefits over other common flooring options.

Less waste is produced

  • carpet tile off-cuts are often able to be laid elsewhere in the design, reducing waste caused by building shape

Easy to transport and carry

  • with compact shape and size, during installation carpet tiles can often be transported without the need for heavy machinery

Good insulators

  • compared to non-carpet alternatives carpet tiles offer better building insulation once laid

Resilient finish

  • with proper maintenance carpet tiles offer an extensive usable life
  • all burmatex® ranges offer a 10 years guarantee

Lasting design

  • if necessary sections of a design can be lifted and replaced without needing to change the entire floor
  • flooring plans can be designed with this capability in mind (using defined corridors and inserts which can be refreshed)