finishing touches to residential apartments with Burmatex® carpet tiles

tivoli carpet tiles in apartments

Each of the high quality private residential apartments has tivoli st martin sands installed by Branagan Flooring Services Ltd.

Selecting this neutral colour upholds the ‘blank canvas’ appearance continued throughout each apartment, allowing its occupant to put their own mark on the space. Additionally the use of light, bright fixtures and furnishings maximises the feeling of space for a cheerful and inviting finish.

Along the corridors, the installation continues to use the tivoli range. A central walkway in the dark colour of tivoli st lucia night is bordered by the varied stripe design of tivoli multiline polynesia beige. Running the length of each corridor this design visually segregates and widens the apparent space.

The entrance corridor to the apartment building continues to use the central runner design, introducing a number of bright colours.

With a dark background of cordiale indian ebony, a series of linear inserts in the structure bonded® ranges of lateral® and code run along the centre of the space. In a tribal colour palette, vibrant highlights of yellow, orange and green use the bold, coordinated options from lateral® and code to create regular islands of colour.

Coordinating with the cordiale background, bands of lateral® carbon steel work with the lighter grey of lateral® concrete jungle to break up the bright, citrus colours for a lively yet practical finish.

Throughout these residential apartments Burmatex® designers have created different schemes to suit the requirements of each space – through both a high quality, contemporary finish and a bold, unique design.

Colours used: