new start with burmatex® carpet tiles at Bradford College

Bradford College tandem carpet tiles

burmatex® carpet tiles have been installed throughout this 15,000 m2 project within the new £50 million David Hockney Building at Bradford College, designed by Bond Bryan Architects and fitted by Harmony Contract Flooring Ltd. A significant design project, this new build features an intuitive flooring scheme (created by burmatex®) which incorporates six burmatex® product ranges: tandem, strands, balance, balance stripe, balance atomic and lateral®.

Throughout the high-tech college, heavy contract suitable, burmatex® Green Guide A and A+ rated carpet tiles create defined yet flexible study areas. With four distinctive flooring layouts the final design is responsive to the requirements of each space, using a different colour focus on each of the six floors in a striking, high-tech building. Different colours of furnishing reflect the changing highlights which are introduced using strands: scarlet, blue, pink, orange, lime and aqua.

The areas created within the open plan centre of the college are bordered by a single tile band of strands sixty, which defines a walkway of balance stripe blackboard that navigates between the various areas of the college.

area 1: library

Within the library zones a large area of tandem beautifully balances the large feature windows and city-scape views, with the metallic shade of galvanised steel presenting an organic design in an offset flow that complements the open space.

Defined inserts of balance stripe are used across the building to acknowledge the areas historic, industrial architecture – depicting the signature windows associated with Bradford mills.

area 2: open learning

At the centre of the building an open, flexible study space is set against a background of balance stripe classic grey with inserts of strands and balance stripe blackboard – again representing the historic mill landscape.

Linear inserts of strands use the various colour concentrations within the range in intersecting bars which meet with a strong injection of colour and fade outwards from this. This design suggests segmentation to the area which is supported by the placement of furniture in a sophisticated yet inspiring finish to perfectly suit the modern educational hub.

area 3: classrooms

Across the classrooms a more understated installation aims to focus attention, while maintaining each floors colour identity. On a background of balance charcoal, the differing concentrations of colour in strands five, strands ten and strands sixty are used in gradated inserts.


area 4: staff areas

Inspired by a previous burmatex® installation in the offices of Ibbotson Architects Ltd, the staff areas of the college use balance atomic storm with quarter tile or half tile inserts of lateral® carbon steel and a single colour of strands sixty per floor. Against the monochromatic style of balance atomic, the use of bold highlights creates an eye-catching installation which accentuates the unique colour finish on each floor.

The multiple carpet tile ranges and design aspects used in this stunning building represent the inspired ability of burmatex® to work with external architects in creating products and installations which enhance the available space and are tailored to perfectly suit the intended use.

Colours used: