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Keep up to date with the latest news from burmatex®

  1. osaka carpet tiles in offices of University of Leeds

    University of Leeds chooses organic-looking carpets for their offices

    burmatex® is a very well-known brand of carpet tiles in the education market. Our carpet tiles and carpet planks are a popular flooring choice for nurseries and primary schools through to colleges and universities. It was a natural choice for University of Leeds to choose osaka carpet tiles to install in their offices

  2. rainfall light, shade, dark & brick carpet tiles

    warm summer rain inspires new carpet range rainfall

    This latest multilevel loop product, rainfall, encompasses changes of tone in varying proportions throughout, resulting in an all over effect of subtlety combined with soft, angular sections. The characteristics of the design ensure that no two installations are exactly the same as each other

  3. osaka inkpot & orchid carpet tiles

    Japanese culture influences osaka carpet tiles

    osaka is a new addition to our multilevel loop pile collection, launched summer 2018. The carpet tile product range is inspired by Japanese culture clashes: new and old, warm and cool, urban and natural

  4. hadron cerulean carpet tiles

    hadron carpet tile launch

    hadron is our newest carpet tile collection, launched Winter 2016. It is a design inspired by street light reflections in the dark, movement, the mixing of matte and metallic effects and multi-faceted finishes

  5. burmatex carpet tiles in Birmingham University Library

    New Birmingham University Library

    Described as a milestone project for the sector, the newly built library at Birmingham University has completed its contemporary appearance with burmatex®, Green Guide A+/A, carpet tiles. Using five different ranges the design is adjusted throughout the building in order to suit the various spaces.

  6. burmatex carpet tiles at Sainsbury's HQ

    Sainsbury’s Head Office Transformation

    At this major refurbishment of Sainsbury’s head offices in London, three ranges of burmatex® carpet tiles have been used in a tailored scheme across multiple floors

  7. Storthes Hall - lateral tivoli planks

    Storthes Hall refurbishment with carpet planks

    It has been some time ago when we introduced carpet planks to our product range offering. Carpet planks were very well welcomed on the market and we have quite a few installations already in place.

  8. grade carpet planks

    grade – new carpet tile and plank range

    The name grade links to the graduation between lighter tones and darker ones within each colour option. A researched and considered palette of nine colours gives great flexibility and longevity, whether using a single selection or creating your own combinations

  9. burmatex objects in NBS BIM Library

    BIM Ready: burmatex® BIM Objects

    all burmatex® products now have BIM Objects available on the NBS National BIM Library and all our carpets, carpet tiles and carpet planks can now be incorporated into these building models using the objects downloadable through the NBS National BIM Library

  10. burmatex® has redesigned infinity – well-known tufted carpet tiles

    Keeping the high performance feature of infinity (class 33), this 100% nylon space dyed and solution dyed collection has been enriched with an additional design – infinity stitch – and a wider choice of colours. Alongside the classic flecked pattern of infinity, infinity stitch offers a rich directional organic design, which gives a unique twist Continue…

  11. up & balance grayscale carpet tiles at Virgin Trains Head Office

    Get on board with our carpet tiles at Virgin Trains

    When creating the flooring layout at Virgin Trains Head Offices in London burmatex® designers combined the bold up red with up tomato to soften the contrast against the balance greyscale grey background

  12. burmatex CPD, introduction slide

    burmatex® offer RIBA Approved CPD Seminar

    Entitled ‘Carpet Tiles: from Manufacture to Specification’ the burmatex® RIBA accredited CPD enables informed evaluations of a carpet tiles performance characteristics and environmental qualities.

  13. Hall Park Academy, tivoli

    tivoli creates unique areas in Hall Park Academy

    This installation of burmatex® carpet tiles at Hall Park Academy, Nottingham, embraces the expansive colour bank of the burmatex® tivoli and tivoli multiline ranges in a bold, impactful design.

  14. Expo Kracow Poland, tivoli multiline

    tivoli installation in world class exhibition centre

    The contemporary design of tivoli multiline has been used to create bright, inspirational spaces within an expansive installation at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre, EXPO in Poland.

  15. Environmentally friendly carpet tiles

    burmatex® commit to environmental solutions

    burmatex® have reinforced their environmental culture, considering and contributing to responsible building through both individual product offerings and involvement within significant green projects.

  16. Bradford College tandem carpet tiles

    new start with burmatex® carpet tiles at Bradford College

    Throughout the high-tech college, heavy contract suitable, burmatex® Green Guide A and A+ rated carpet tiles create defined yet flexible study areas. With four distinctive flooring layouts the final design is responsive to the requirements of each space, using a different colour focus on each of the six floors in a striking, high-tech building.

  17. tivoli, st kitts basalt, monseratt black, guyana moss, tenerife black

    introducing new tivoli colours

    burmatex® have enhanced the colour palette of their renowned tivoli range with two new shades of tivoli – montserrat black and st kitts basalt – and one of tivoli multiline – tenerife black – increasing the overall range to 41 colour options.

  18. Inverclyde Council lateral zip code carpet tiles

    structure bonded® carpet tiles at Inverclyde Council in Greenock

    This bright, modern installation at Inverclyde Council uses the burmatex® structure bonded® carpet tile ranges of lateral®, zip and code. The expansive colour options and complementary product ranges work to break up the large, open office into functional segments, creating islands of colour and different accent bars.

  19. tandem carpet tiles at Carlsberg UK

    tandem carpet tiles at Carlsberg UK

    Complementing the offices classic look, the organic yet considered design of tandem suggests elements of texture, flow and movement in an understated yet impactful design which seems to extend the available space.

  20. 2014 up strands carpet tiles at Paris airport

    Seen Us Somewhere?

    During 2014 burmatex® are running an on-going series of advertisements through both the Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ) and FX magazine. Focusing on the high performance nylon carpet tile ranges of new tivoli, tandem, up, down and armour our confident adverts draw attention to large product installations with simple yet eye-catching designs.

  21. Doncaster Civic Centre surface carpet tiles

    burmatex® carpet tiles in award winners for architectural excellence

    burmatex® are pleased to announce that two prestigious projects featuring our carpet tiles have been recognised at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Yorkshire Architectural Awards, which mark the outstanding achievements of British architecture. Winning awards for architectural excellence, Wakefield One and Doncaster Civic Office both use a combination of existing and bespoke burmatex® ranges.

  22. Expo Cracow Poland tivoli multiline

    new tivoli carpet tiles awarded Green Guide A rating

    Recently launched, the tivoli range – including tivoli, tivoli online and tivoli multiline – has been tested against the comprehensive environmental standards of BREEAM and achieved an A overall rating.

  23. CDG airport 2014 up strands carpet tiles

    Paris airport refitted with striking up and strands carpet tiles

    In an inspired second installation at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Arrivals Terminal 2F, Paris, burmatex® designers were challenged to maintain the powerful image created within the first installation (Departures Terminal 2F), while adjusting their approach to suit the unique characteristics throughout this distinctive building.

  24. 4400 broadway carpet sheet European Centre for Music

    European Centre for Music chooses 4200 sidewalk

    burmatex®’s 4200 sidewalk carpet range has been used throughout the greatly anticipated European Centre for Music, a ground-breaking artistic and educational establishment, which comprises concert halls, libraries and student accommodation.

  25. Microsoft Sweden lateral carpet tiles

    burmatex® carpet tiles in Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2013

    burmatex® products have achieved further design recognition through another exceptional installation, this time within the winner of Sweden’s Best Looking Office 2013, Microsoft Sweden, featuring nearly 4,500 meters of burmatex®’s high quality carpet tiles.

  26. Kings School Chester tivoli 19

    burmatex® revitalises world renowned product, tivoli

    tivoli has been revitalised from burmatex®’s world renowned products, previously tivoli 24 and tivoli online; expanding and modernising the existing colour and design palette has enriched this superior offering through developing the final creative potential, while improving overall strength and quality by exchanging polypropylene yarn for a resilient 100% solution dyed nylon yarn for high performance environments.

  27. burmatex® opens new photography facility

    burmatex®’s renowned expertise in innovative product ranges and imaginative project possibilities has recently experienced further development through our introduction of a new photography studio.

  28. Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris strands up carpet tiles

    burmatex® installs up & stands carpet tiles at Charles de Gaulle airport

    burmatex®’s inspired ability to creatively translate an envisaged design ideal into an eye-catching and practical solution has been recently demonstrated in remarkable fashion through the completion of the refitting of Departure Terminal 2F of Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

  29. balance stripe carpet tiles

    new balance stripe carpet tile range

    balance stripe is a new nylon loop pile range offering a great opportunity to combine smart appearance, high performance and attractive price.

  30. custom contract carpet tiles Wakefield One

    custom product wick, laid in Wakefield One

    burmatex® has been proud to provide the carpet for the newly opened Wakefield Council building, Wakefield One, proposing a unique product which combines visual impact, quality and performance.

  31. armour performance barrier system contract carpet tiles

    our performance barrier tile, armour, is launched

    The ultimate in entrance performance – dirt and moisture tracks into a building through its entrances. armour, with its combination of absorber and scraper yarns, protects internal floor finishes by trapping up to 90% of dirt and moisture.

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