Paris airport refitted with striking up and strands carpet tiles

CDG airport 2014 up strands carpet tiles

Burmatex®’s continued dedication to Green Guide A or A+ rated, inspired design in heavy contract situations has been expertly showcased through a second installation at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Arrivals Terminal 2F, Paris.

Following the success of their first installation (Departures Terminal 2F), for this 5,500m2 phase, Burmatex® designers were challenged to maintain the powerful image created while adjusting their approach to suit the unique characteristics throughout this distinctive building.

Working closely with the projects architect, the same carpet tile ranges as used in departures – strands and up – were selected to create a unified design. In order to best complement the exceptional architecture of the airport the overall palette was extended – using a bright feature orange as in the first installation, while introducing neutral shades in both the strands and up ranges.

The use of this varied palette has enhanced the two distinct finishes across this section of Charles de Gaulle.  Within the most central locations the curved concrete walls, inset with square openings, are significantly brightened by the striking orange scheme which combines the solid colour of up with strands striped design for a vibrant finish. Elsewhere, against Charles de Gaulle’s signature glass structure, the introduced calm shades of up present an understated charm with an overall simplicity of design which emphasises the ceilings striking white beams.

To create a complete and flowing scheme between the separate areas of the airport, the projects architect requested a bespoke colour of strands, with stripes of orange on a neutral background, which incorporated the entire palette.

The hard-wearing nature and stand-out design capabilities offered by Burmatex®, work within Paris’ largest airport to create a final presentation which ideally suits its unique architecture.