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strands launched

Manchester Town Hall - carpet tiles: balance & strands

strands is the latest product launch from burmatex®, and, is one of our most exciting in recent years, offering fantastic scope for design.

strands is a 100% nylon textured loop carpet tile range. Each tile starts with a background colour of mid grey with a black pinstripe and is then accented by one of eight striking key note colour stripes in three versions: – strands five; strands ten and strands sixty; so named because the key note colour stripe takes up 5%, 10% and 60% of the carpet tile surface respectively.

strands offers the designer combinations of pattern and colour to create and develop unique floor designs starting from tessellated or ashlar/brick in strands five, ten or sixty; up to amazing effects such as random monolithic, brick repeat, monolithic chequerboard in mixes of strands five, ten and sixty.

Additionally, the strands product range can be used with other burmatex product ranges to create further expressions of design or, simply, to meet budgets. For example, a mix of red strands five, ten and sixty can be combined with burmatex® balance greyscale carpet tiles for a subtle installation with vibrant inserts of colours offering a patterned effect.

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