striking installation in Hartsdown Academy, Sixth Form

carpet tiles: cordiale, lateral

This new, high-tech sixth form study centre at Hartsdown Academy, Margate, Kent features generous installations of Burmatex® hardwearing, Green Guide A and A+ rated carpet tiles.

Designed by Diocesan Architects the two-storey educational building uses two Burmatex® ranges: fibre bonded cordiale and structure bonded® lateral®. Across the sixth form building the visually textured appearance and vibrant colours of lateral® sit beautifully with complementary shades of cordiale in a simple, thin ribbed design. Despite their different structures, these two product ranges are able to work together, as the considered product designs and generous colour palettes across Burmatex® ranges allow multiple product combinations.

Using a background of cordiale netherlands slate throughout the entire two-storey installation creates an attractive flow with different design schemes used to distinguish the variety of areas.


Within the central corridor of the first floor classroom block two bold highlight lines in a mixture of complementary pinks and purples run the length of the corridor and elongate the space. Using a combination of vibrant and calmer shades, these linear features use lateral® pink diamond, indigo snake and purple emperor along with cordiale cambodian silk, portuguese purple and australian violet to create an inviting space.

The numerous classrooms each incorporate a single one of the highlight colours used along the corridor, continuing to combine the lateral® and cordiale ranges into a pink, indigo or purple scheme. Against the cordiale background each room features a thin band of its feature colour which pixelates into the room.

On the ground floor the IT suite and social area continue the design scheme of the classrooms – with a thicker band of colour against the external wall which is randomly staggered out into the room. Using rich, cheerful yellow highlights of cordiale bolivian gold, costa rican sun and lateral® gold quest in a bright layout this scheme creates an inviting, friendly atmosphere.

Throughout the educational building the colour selections of the carpet tiles are reflected in the furniture – with purple shades subtly incorporated within classrooms and the use of both yellow and turquoise to complement the schemes in the social area and IT suite for a young, bright, welcoming finish.

Located at the front of the Hartsdown Academy campus, this building sets a striking introduction to the educational establishment with Burmatex® heavy contract carpet tiles proving a resilient installation in a contemporary design.

Colours used: