Caring for Your Carpet

If you look after your carpets or carpet tiles and planks every day and deal promptly with spillages and stains, they’ll keep looking good for longer. We’ve compiled a guide to taking care of your carpet to keep it looking fresh.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris strands up carpet tiles

regular cleaning

Carpets and tiles should be vacuumed daily, using a powerful upright cleaner with a rotary brush head or beater bar. We recommend SEBO or Nilco machines.

dealing with spillages

Remove as much of the spillage as possible immediately, then lay an absorbent material over the affected area and press down in a blotting action. This pressure will remove most of the spillage and minimise staining. Then spot clean any remaining stains with the appropriate solvent or cleaning system. Take care not to use too much (dry cleaning) solvent on Accummen™ backed carpet tiles.

protecting areas near off-street doors

Here you’ll need to use barrier carpet or tiles – such as Burmatex® performance barrier system, grimebuster 50, or 7700 grimebuster carpet. For effective dirt protection, the barrier carpet should be at least 3 metres in length from the door.

minimising wear in very busy areas

On floors where there’s a lot of coming and going, use a heavier duty carpet or tile – or rotate the tiles with those from other areas. It’s easy to replace tiles, so keep some extra from the same batch in case any get badly soiled or damaged.

planned maintenance

In most situations, only 20-30% of the floor area has to cope with a lot of use. It’s only this area that needs regular cleaning, so with planned maintenance, you can keep the carpet looking good at a relatively low cost. The way you clean the carpet, and how often, depends on the type and colour of the carpet, how much ‘traffic’ it gets, and the type of soiling. With planned maintenance, intensive wall-to-wall cleaning may be needed only once a year.

Download Burmatex® carpet tile maintenance guide.