unique, unconventional installation of Burmatex® lateral® carpet tiles in Poland

Witan showroom, Poland lateral carpet tiles

Through its extremely unique concept this exceptional showroom entitled “Colours Inspire Emotions” presents the perfect reflection of the stimulating environments which have so regularly been created by the striking colour varieties available by Burmatex® product ranges*.

Created in Suszec, Poland by Witan – an international distributor of Burmatex® carpet tiles – using the lateral® collection, this highly original layout imitates a recording sound room, the epitomical location of much musical inspiration.

Colour psychology is often referenced to explain the underlying and potentially uplifting impacts that considering colour within a design scheme can create. Throughout our product ranges Burmatex® designers have considered the transformative effect that a bold colour statement can have and subsequently introduced multiple ranges with expansive colour palettes. The warm colour selection used within this one of a kind installation spans the bold foundations of the 18 colour ways available in the lateral® carpet tile range, creating bands of lateral® diamond dust, lime street, mandarin duck, scarlet runner and turquoise mountain.

Carpeting the floors, walls and ceiling in Burmatex® lateral®, the sound room also reflects the highly individual nature of this structure bonded product – part of Burmatex®’s unique structure bonded® offering which also includes the complementary product range code.

These three structure bonded® products are extremely popular within education and office settings, creating stunning projects when used both independently, together and as highlight colours to complement other ranges. With a large variety of laying options, a strong (BS EN ISO 105) rating for colourfastness and their suitability for use in heavy contract situations, Burmatex®’s Green Guide A and A+ rated structure bonded® offering is well suited to creating practical, inventive and inspiring finishes.

Colours used:


* Note: due to national variations in health and safety laws this layout follows strict guidelines and may not be possible in every country or installation space.