subtle shapes emerge through vibrant mesh in new product launch

vibe carpet tiles grey linen

Our latest multilevel loop product, vibe, is a large scale statement design featuring a bold mesh grid. vibe is inspired by torn netted structures with areas of strong pattern breaking away into sections of plain. Whilst the grid is the main feature of the design, underneath are subtle broken shapes created from torn and folded papers. This building of layers within the design creates a luxurious, velvet like appearance. The palette of 12 colours provides core greys and neutrals as well as some vibrant colour-on-grey options with the grid pattern enhancing the colour. From pastel tones to bright highlight pops, it is suitable for all manner of interiors and installations.

vibe has been designed to work as a stand-alone product but also works well with our other multilevel loop ranges such as balance ground which can be used as a corresponding plain.