tivoli mist® – carpet planks

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  1. tivoli mist 32701 south beach carpet plank from burmatex
  2. tivoli mist 32705 turtle bay carpet plank from burmatex
  3. tivoli mist 32702 palm springs carpet plank from burmatex
  4. tivoli mist 32703 ocean drive carpet plank from burmatex
  5. tivoli mist 32704 havana town carpet plank from burmatex
  6. tivoli mist 32708 bergen city carpet plank from burmatex
  7. tivoli mist 32711 nordic fjord carpet plank from burmatex
  8. tivoli mist 32710 icelandic isle carpet plank from burmatex
  9. tivoli mist 32706 bora bora carpet plank from burmatex
  10. tivoli mist 32707 baffin island carpet plank from burmatex
  11. tivoli mist 32712 polar drift carpet plank from burmatex
  12. tivoli mist 32713 galapagos bay carpet plank from burmatex
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tivoli mist® – carpet planks

tivoli mist® carpet planks come in the same 12 colour palette as the standard 50 x 50 cm tivoli mist® tile range and have been designed to work either alongside the tile option or effectively on their own. All corresponding plain tivoli® colours also come available in plank, allowing for creative transitioning of one colour to another as well as zoning and wayfinding within commercial interiors.

Meeting the same technical standards as the tivoli mist® tile range and benefiting from 100% solution dyed nylon yarn, tivoli mist® planks offer a comparative, durable alternative to a standard carpet tile installation.

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tivoli mist planks from burmatex


 eco2matters low carbon tivoli mist® is low carbon
tivoli mist® uses BioBase®
recycled backing
Burmatex® reco2very take back service provides a no landfill solution for your used tiles
Burmatex® products are made using 100% certified renewable electricity
eco2matters® declarations are independently 3rd party verified
Product description Low Carbon Level Loop Yarn description 100% Solution Dyed Nylon (Polyamide-PA) Size 25cm x 100cm Pile weight 600g/m2 Total weight 4050g/m2 Total thickness 6.5mm Wear classification BS EN 1307 Heavy Commercial Use Class 33 View full technical spec Download NBS technical spec Download Shade card Download BIM object Download Download all images Download EPD Download