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Our Sustainability Goals

We are committed to achieving Net Zero through the continual removal of carbon from our products and processes. We believe that what we do matters, that the ecology of our planet matters, and that eco2matters®

We value our people, our customers, and our partners. This drives our approach to social values & well-being.



Our Heritage

Originally established in the UK in 1917 as J&F Burrows, we have been recycling for over 100 years. We began by recycling wool and cotton textile waste for resale to the textile industry, for use in the manufacturer of clothing.



With the advent of synthetic fibres, we quickly adapted to also recycle synthetic waste, eventually focusing solely on the recycling of nylon and polypropylene. With the development of a new type of carpet, needlefelt (now called fibre bonded), we saw an opportunity to use this recycled material to produce our own finished products.

The Burmatex® brand was created in 1967. For over 50 years, the careful selection, reprocessing and recycling of industrial synthetic waste has enabled us to produce sustainable products.

Today Burmatex® manufacturers a much broader range of products, including designer loop and low level loop nylon carpet tiles. Still the fundamental principles of recycling and reuse remain at the core of our operation, and form the foundations of the eco2matters® sustainability principles.