Fitting your Carpet

Carpet tile installation

Burmatex® recommend using a professional carpet fitter and following our instructions to get the best out of your carpet tiles and planks.

You can download your copy of the installation guide or read on for more details.

before you fit your carpet

There’s a time and a place for everything, and fitting carpet is no exception. Wait until any building, refurbishment or decorating is complete, then make sure the conditions are right.

comply with British standards

According to British Standards Code of Practice – BS CP 102, BS 5325 and supplementary specifications, your working area must be clean, fully enclosed, weather-tight and heated to 18°C (64.5°F) for 72 hours before fitting any floor coverings. You also need to make sure the room is well ventilated when you’re using adhesives.

prepare the floor surface

Check the surface is dry. A concrete protimeter should give a maximum moisture reading of 5.5%, and hygrometer tests should show a maximum relative humidity of 75%. If you don’t get these readings, primers, sealers and adhesives may take longer to dry – or not dry properly at all. The excess moisture could mean you need to install a suitable damp proof membrane.

If the surface is dusty or porous, you’ll need to seal it.

If it’s an uneven or worn wooden floor, replace or patch level any floorboards as necessary, then cover with flooring grade hardboard (rough side up) or plywood. Position the sheets with staggered joints, and nail them at 100-150mm (4-6”) intervals. Prime them, and make sure the surface is now smooth, flat, firm and free from all contaminants. If you need more detailed information on this, please see the CFA Manual for Installation of Textile Floor Coverings.

If you’re laying carpet over a base of wood blocks, you need to be very careful. Dampness from the ground, and loose, uneven or unsound blocks can cause problems. If you have any doubts about these issues, you’ll need to replace the blocks – or better still, remove them and repair the base. Some people try to create a level surface with fabricated underlays, but hammering staples or nails into the blocks often fractures them, so we don’t recommend this.

don’t lay over old floor coverings

All kinds of carpet, vinyl and other soft floor coverings are totally unsuitable surfaces for laying new carpet or carpet tiles. You’ll need to take them up, and prepare the surface as described above.

get advice on unusual conditions

It may simply be impossible to achieve the conditions we’ve described so far – or there may be something unusual about the site where you need to fit carpet. If so, it’s really important you talk to us before you go ahead. Call our technical department on +44 (0) 1924 262525 or email We’ll give you any advice we can, but we can’t take responsibility for any problems you may have where the conditions are not ideal.

carpet tiles

First, a few things to check

  • Ensure all the tiles are from the same batch by checking the batch or dye numbers.
    DO NOT lay different batches together on the same floor.
  • Unpack the tiles and condition them for at least 48 hours in the room where you’ll be fitting them.
  • Check you have the right adhesive. In busy areas, such as around photocopiers and coffee machines, or where there are castor chairs or filing cabinets, you’ll need to use a suitable release or permanent bond adhesive.
  • In areas where spillages may occur, it’s best to use Burmatex® barrier tiles.
  • Switch off any underfloor heating at least 48 hours before and after you apply the adhesive.
  • Don’t lay carpet tiles over any underfloor heating where the temperature exceeds 27°C, or on concrete treated with oil-based chemicals.

Then fit the tiles

  • Plan the installation carefully. Draw a chalk line down the centre of the area or from a doorway.
  • Find the centre point and draw a line at a right angle to the first, as shown in this diagram.
  • Lay one row of tiles along each leg or cross.
  • If necessary, re-draw the chalk lines so there’s at least half a tile border along each wall.
  • Using a v-notched trowel (1/16” x 3/16”) for F3 and F44, or a brush for F41, apply the adhesive evenly over the whole area.
  • Let the adhesive dry for 30 minutes or longer, depending on humidity and temperature.
  • Working outwards from the centre of the cross, lay the tiles in position, pressing firmly to ensure they stick properly to the surface.
  • When fitting tiles at the edge of the room, butt one tile against the skirting, and position the tile to be cut exactly on top of the one immediately behind it, overlapping the butted-up one. Where this crosses, mark and cut the top tile. This will then fit the required space exactly. But the tiles firmly together, but be careful not to compress them against each other.
  • Many of our carpets can be laid tessellated at 90° to each other or broadloom. Some we recommend should only be tessellated. If unsure call our technical department on
    +44 (0)1924 262525, email our team on or check the specifications for each product individually.

carpet in rolls

First, a few things to check

  • Ensure the rolls are from the same batch by checking the batch or dye numbers.
  • Check you have the right adhesive (see table on back pages).
  • Switch off any underfloor heating at least 48 hours before and after you apply the adhesive.

Then fit the carpet

  • Remember to lay all carpet rolls with adjacent pieces in the same direction.
  • Cut the carpet to the required length plus 5cm (2″).
  • Lay the first piece lapping up the side and end walls.
  • Lay the next joining edge in the same way, making sure there’s an overlap of 5cm (2”) on each seam. Continue this way until you’ve covered the whole floor.
  • Fold back the length of all pieces and, holding the trowel at a 60° angle, spread the adhesive evenly to within 20cm (8”) of the seam over an area that can be covered within the open time.
  • Placing a straight edge along the centre of the overlap, cut through both pieces with a sharp knife and remove the surplus.
  • Lift the edges of both pieces, apply adhesive, lay the carpet and roll thoroughly with a 68Kg (150lb) roller.

need more detailed information?

Call our technical department on +44 (0) 1924 262525 or email our team on

Download Burmatex® carpet tiles and sheet installation guide.