BIM Ready: Burmatex® BIM Objects

burmatex objects in NBS BIM Library

All ® products now have BIM Objects available on the NBS National BIM Library.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) focuses on creating a digital plan of a building which is able to show both the physical and functional aspects. This means a user will not only be able to see the components chosen for the build but when selecting any item within the model all the relevant technical information will be displayed.

Burmatex® carpets, carpet tiles and carpet planks can now be incorporated into these building models using the objects downloadable through the NBS National BIM Library.

From April 2016 all centrally funded government work has to use BIM modelling – in order to optimise the choice of building materials and maintenance plans.

At the build stage the BIM model allows easily comparing alternative products to find the best solution. All products of the same type listed on the NBS National BIM Library have to provide their information in the same format – so comparisons are simple for the user.

Later in the buildings life a complete BIM model is intended to help guide the maintenance of that building. It should be able to give information on the expected useful life of a product so repair or replacement can be planned and show exactly what was used during the build so any replacement is straightforward.